Ford trucks are some of the most durable and reliable vehicle models that are available on the mainstream auto market. A Ford truck can last hundreds of thousands of miles if it is taken care of well—and taking good care of your Ford truck includes getting it serviced at regular intervals. Getting simple services such as multi-point inspections and oil changes performed regularly on your Ford truck can make a major difference in how long your truck lasts and how well it serves you on the road throughout its lifespan. You might ask why you should go to a Ford Service department for your truck repairs.

When it comes time to take your Ford truck in for service, it is a good idea to get your truck serviced at an official Ford dealership part and service center. While many mechanics are great, most just can’t beat the reliability of dealership service. If you’re wondering why to have your truck serviced at the dealership, keep reading to learn 5 reasons why it is—in most cases—a better idea to get your Ford truck serviced at a Ford Service Department than at a local mechanic. 

  1. Trained Technicians 

The technicians at a Ford dealership in your area undergo specialized training to perform maintenance and repair services as well as part replacements on Ford vehicles specifically. This does not mean that the mechanic at your local auto repair shop doesn’t have skills, knowledge, and training or that any technician outside of a dealership setting is unfamiliar with how to properly service Ford vehicles.

The technicians at a Ford dealership in your area undergo specialized training to perform maintenance and repair

The technicians at a Ford dealership in your area undergo specialized training to perform maintenance and repair

However, the specialized training that Ford dealership technicians receive directly from Ford factories equips them to service your Ford vehicle better than a local mechanic who has more generalized knowledge about a wider range of vehicles. 

The factory-trained technicians at your local Ford dealership who have been specially trained by Ford and only work on Ford vehicles are most likely significantly more familiar with your specific vehicle model and how to service it than a random mechanic who services any number of cars of different makes and models every day.

  1. State-of-the-Art Facilities 

Ford dealership facilities really can’t be beaten in terms of quality. Their partnership with Ford ensures that the parts and service centers at official Ford dealerships are state-of-the-art facilities that feature the most advanced and modern tools and equipment to service your Ford vehicle. 

This is in contrast to local mechanics, which may not be able to afford new equipment or may not prioritize replacing and upgrading the equipment they currently have on a regular basis. Because they benefit from partnering with one of the most major automakers in the auto industry, Ford dealership parts and service centers are able and are even mandated to upgrade the tools and equipment in their facilities before their current equipment becomes outdated. 

  1. OEM Parts 

Original Equipment Manufacturer—OEM—parts are vehicle parts that are made by official Ford manufacturers. When you take your Ford truck to the parts and service center at an official Ford dealership in your area, you are guaranteed that only OEM parts will be used in your vehicle there. 

This is important because the third-party, non-OEM parts that many mechanics use tend to be of lower quality than official OEM parts and can cause your vehicle to wear down more quickly. Plus, having third-party parts in your vehicle can even void your vehicle’s warranty. 

  1. Warranty Benefits 

Official Ford dealership parts and service centers must honor your vehicle’s warranty. In many cases—depending on the warranty you have, of course—that can mean discounts or even free-of-charge maintenance services, repairs, or part replacements if your vehicle or its individual components are still covered by a manufacturer’s warranty from Ford. 

On the other hand, your local mechanic does not have any connection to your vehicle’s warranty and does not have to and very likely will not honor it. In this way, taking your Ford truck in for service at an official Ford dealership can save you a significant amount of money on service for your vehicle over time.

  1. Better Amenities 

Sometimes, getting your car serviced requires you to wait for up to several hours before your car is finished being serviced—or before you can get a ride if your car’s service will take more than a single day. 

Official Ford dealerships prioritize making their dealership a comfortable and even enjoyable place for their customers to spend some time. In most cases, that means they offer amenities such as free refreshments, free WiFi, comfortable waiting areas, and even shuttles that can drive you home while your car is getting serviced and then back to the dealership when your car is ready for you. 

While some local mechanics may offer similar amenities to dealership parts and service centers, their facilities are generally not as comfortable nor as well-equipped for customers as are official Ford dealership parts and service centers.

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