The continuous exponential advancement of in-car tech—from hands-free infotainment systems to built-in active safety features—and the ever-increasing shift away from gas-powered engines toward more sustainable hybrid and all-electric power sources have changed the auto industry forever.

These changes in the auto industry are the result of many different factors, most notably advancing technology, a global shift in focus toward promoting sustainability, and changing trends that inform consumer demands. Regardless of why these shifts are happening, though, there is no doubt that they are changing the auto industry for good. In order to keep up, many major auto brands on the mainstream marketing have started updating and revising their own goals, focuses, and strategies—which has naturally led to some notable changes in the cars they produce and distribute.

Dodge is one of the many major automakers that have switched up their operations to keep their cars appealing to consumers in a rapidly changing market. Although Dodge’s sales in the U.S. were steadily declining between 2013 and 2017, this negative trend reversed with an increase in Dodge’s U.S. sales in 2018. Dodge has proven they’re willing to change how they operate in order to keep their cars relevant, but the question remains: What’s new for Dodge and their vehicle lineup for 2020?

Minor Updates for the 2020 Dodge Charger

The Charger is a classic luxury muscle sedan that has been a part of Dodge’s vehicle lineup for more than 50 years since its initial debut on the U.S. auto market for the 1966 model year. A major trend that has reverberated through the entire mainstream auto industry in the last decade is a shift away from four-door sedans—like the Dodge Charger—and toward trendier, more functional SUVs.

This market-wide shift has inspired rumors that Dodge might soon decide to discontinue the production of and bid farewell to the Charger altogether.

However, that doesn’t seem to be the case. In fact, the 2020 Dodge Charger packs more power than ever. The 2020 Charger model is available with an exclusive V8 engine that delivers an impressive 485 horsepower and can be paired with optional all-wheel-drive and an eight-speed automatic transmission. It is newly available with two different add-on wide-body packages that modernize the exterior of the Charger and allow this classic muscle car to deliver more speed and offer a better grip.

Luckily for classic muscle car fans, it seems that Dodge has opted to revitalize their classic sedans rather than discontinue them. If 2020 is any indication of the future, signs point to the Dodge Charger remaining on the market for at least several model years to come. More major updates that go deeper beneath the surface are expected for the Charger within the next model year or two.

A Revival of the Dodge Viper

The Viper is a two-seat sports car that joined Dodge’s lineup way back in the early 1990s but was discontinued in its fifth generation in 2017 due to low sales.

Dodge’s decision to pull the Viper from the market disappointed many drivers who considered the Viper to be a timeless icon on the American auto market. Fortunately for these frustrated fans, the Viper is set to be revived in 2020.

While it has not been released yet, more details about the revived next-generation Dodge Viper model are expected to hit the mainstream auto market at some point in 2020 when it is announced for the 2021 or 2022 model year.

A 50th Anniversary Package for the Dodge Challenger

In order to keep their iconic pony car relevant and in demand on the modern auto market that makes it very difficult for classic sedans to survive, Dodge has opted to try to increase demand for their classic Challenger by releasing this pony car for 2020 with an available 50th Anniversary Appearance Package.

2020 marks the 50th year for which the Dodge Challenger has been available on the auto market. The anniversary package for the Challenger includes a new shaker hood, gold wheels and paint, and an abundance of “50” logos emblazoned on the car’s exterior.

The special features of the anniversary package are exciting but largely superficial, and a major redesign for the Challenger is still expected within the next two model years. However, Dodge’s strategy with the Challenger has seen success. Dodge has recently reported their highest numbers of Challenger sales in many years.


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