Ford trade-in values for used vehicles have risen to all-time record heights throughout the first and second quarters of 2021. In March of 2021, the average value of all used vehicles was almost $3,000 higher than it was in March of 2020. 

This climb in the value of used vehicles over the past few months is due to a variety of COVID-19-related factors that have limited the number of new vehicles that car dealerships are able to maintain in their inventories. 

After more than a year of stay-at-home orders, social distancing, and financial challenges for many, drivers are ready to get back to the mainstream auto market to buy their next vehicles. This increase in demand coupled with production delays due to shutdowns of many manufacturing facilities throughout COVID-19 has made it difficult for car dealerships to keep their supply of new vehicles consistent with the heightened demand for new models. 

To complicate matters further, there is also currently a major global shortage of microchips that are needed to make new vehicles. This worldwide microchip shortage has made it even more difficult for car dealerships to get access to the number of new vehicles they would like to have in their inventories—which has, in turn, caused the value of used cars to skyrocket because car dealerships are trying to make up for their lack of new models with used models. 

If you are located in Morris, Minnesota, or its surrounding area, consider trading in your used Ford vehicle to Valu Ford and Chrysler. Keep reading to learn 5 reasons why you should trade in your used Ford vehicle at Valu Ford as soon as possible to get the best deal for your trade-in model. 

  1. Stretch Your Budget 

Trading in your used vehicle helps you stretch your budget by reducing the price of the new or new-to-you vehicle you buy. 

This expands your options for which vehicle models you’re able to fit into your budget, and it can also help you secure better auto loan terms to finance your next vehicle with lower interest rates and shorter loan lengths.

  1. Get a Fair Price 

Valu Ford is committed to providing top-quality customer service at all times—which includes offering fair prices for all trade-in vehicles. 

When you trade-in a vehicle at this official Ford dealership, you can rest easy knowing that you are getting a fair amount of money for your vehicle that is consistent with the true value of your used car model. 

  1. Pay Fewer Sales Tax 

Many drivers do not account for sales tax when they budget for a new car. In most states, you have to pay somewhere between 5% and 10% of the purchase price of your new vehicle in sales tax. 

When you trade-in your used vehicle at an official dealership, however, you only have to pay sales tax on the difference between the value of your used trade-in model and the price of the vehicle you are purchasing—which can save you a surprisingly significant amount of money on your new vehicle purchase. 

  1. Save Yourself Effort 

Finding a private buyer for your used vehicle can be very difficult. It can be a frustrating, lengthy process to find a private buyer who is willing to offer you a fair amount of money for your vehicle. Plus—when you sell to a private buyer—you have to deal with an awkward waiting period between selling your used vehicle and buying your new vehicle, during which you likely won’t have a car to drive. 

Valu Ford makes the process of trading in your used vehicle simple, quick, and easy. All you have to do is bring your used vehicle into this official Ford dealership, complete some paperwork, and that’s it. There are no hidden fees, no sketchy terms, and no waiting period—you can take home the new or new-to-you vehicle you buy on the same day you bring in your trade-in vehicle. 

  1. Earn More For Your Ford Truck 

Ford is best-renowned for the very popular trucks they design, produce, and distribute around the world. In fact, Ford F-series trucks have been the best-selling pickup trucks on the United States auto market for more than four consecutive decades. If you drive a Ford truck, you’re in luck.

Many Ford trucks are among the current highest-valued used vehicles on the mainstream auto market because the demand for these models—and pickup trucks in general—is very high. In fact, the Ford F-250 Super Duty and Ford F-350 Super Duty pickup truck models are currently tied as the number-one highest-valued used models in the auto industry as a whole. 

If you own a Ford truck, you will likely be able to trade it in for an upgraded model at Valu Ford for much more money than your vehicle would normally be worth due to the current state of the mainstream auto market.