Oil Change Specials at Valu Ford can be quick & painless!

Getting your car’s oil changed on a regular basis is a crucial part of keeping your car in
safe, working order for as long as possible. Oil lubricates and cools your car’s engine to
keep it running smoothly and prevent excess friction and overheating.

Waiting too long between oil changes can cause your car’s engine to overheat and can
lead to a build-up of dirt and broken-down oil sludge around your engine. These
problems force your engine to work harder and can cause corrosion and other more
severe engine damage over time.

On the other hand, getting your car’s oil changed on schedule as recommended keeps
your car’s engine clean, cool, and free of debris, which significantly improves your car’s
fuel efficiency and increases its longevity as a whole.

Recommended scheduled maintenance varies between different vehicles. If you’re not
sure how often you should take your car to get an oil change, check the owner’s manual
you received when you bought your car. The owner’s manual for most cars includes a
guide for how and when to keep up with recommended scheduled maintenance for your

The average recommended oil change interval for modern cars is somewhere between
5,000 and 7,500 miles. For the average driver who drives somewhere around 1,000
miles per month, that recommended oil change interval works out to approximately 6
months between oil changes. Of course, these numbers can vary wildly depending on
the car you drive, the type of oil it takes, and how many miles you drive on average.

Keeping up with routine maintenance—especially regular oil changes—is the key to
keeping your car in excellent condition for as long as possible. Don’t let yourself fall
behind on taking your car in for scheduled maintenance when it needs it. Finding a
reputable and affordable service center in your area can help you stay on top of the
scheduled maintenance services your car needs.

About Valu Ford

Valu Ford is an official car dealership and service center that sells both new and used
Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram vehicles and offers scheduled maintenance,
repairs, and part replacements for those vehicles as well. Their dealership lot is located
in the city of Morris, Minnesota, and proudly serves customers from throughout the city
of Morris, Stevens County, and its surrounding areas—including Alexandria, Glenwood,
Benson, Montevideo, etc.

Valu Ford is a customer service-focused dealership that prioritizes customer satisfaction
above all else. This dealership’s primary goal is to strip the stress away from the
car-buying process by providing top-quality and affordable vehicles and vehicle services
to all of their valued customers.

The Valu Ford Service Center

Valu Ford is more than just a standard car dealership. The Valu Ford site in Morris,
Minnesota is also home to an all-inclusive service and parts center that offers repairs,
part replacements, and a wide range of scheduled maintenance services for Ford,
Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram vehicles.

The Valu Ford Service Center is equipped with the most modern, highest-tech tools and
equipment and is staffed by genuine OEM-certified technicians who are specially
trained in how to correctly service and repair Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram

Valu Ford strives to take the stress and frustration out of the process of buying a car
and taking care of that car after you buy it. They sell only top-quality cars and provide
only the highest-quality maintenance, repair, and part replacement services in order to
meet their goal of helping customers keep their car in like-new condition for as long as

Service Specials at Valu Ford

Keeping up with your car’s scheduled maintenance services is very important, but the
cost of all those services can add up over time—which discourages many drivers from
taking their car in to get the services it needs on time.

That’s why affordability is a top priority at Valu Ford. Valu Ford offers their valued
customers the oil change specials in the area for both the vehicles they sell and the vehicle
services they provide. On top of their already low prices for maintenance and repairs,
the Valu Ford Service Center constantly offers service specials on everything from
standard oil change specials to a brand-new full set of tires.

The service specials offered at the Valu Ford Service Center change frequently, but
Valu Ford always offers impressive, enticing new oil change specials to make taking good care of
your car as affordable and stress-free as possible for Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and
Ram drivers.

One example of the service specials Valu Ford Service Center offers is Car Care
Express, which allows you to take your car in for scheduled maintenance and get in and
out of the dealership as quickly as possible. One of the most notable features of Car
Care Express is 1-hour oil change services, which guarantees you a thorough oil
change for your car in one hour or less.

Whether you’re in the market for a new car or are just searching for a new service
center to get your car’s oil changed, call or visit Valu Ford today if you are a Ford,
Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or Ram driver located in Stevens County, Minnesota or its
surrounding areas.