Ford is the quintessential, all-American automaker. Throughout the 100-plus years that Ford has been an integral player on the global auto market, this American automaker has produced countless vehicles that have become beloved staples on the mainstream auto market. 

Ford has a particular knack for designing cars that are perfect for summertime cruising, with the windows down and the warm wind blowing through your hair. If you’re looking to get on the road without a care in the world this summer, check out 3 of Ford’s best cars for the summer. 

  1. Ford Fusion Hybrid 

The Ford Fusion Hybrid is a fuel-efficient midsize sedan that reaches an estimated combined gas mileage of 42 MPG. It also has an impressive cruising range of 610 miles on one battery charge and one tank of gas. If you go road-tripping in your Fusion Hybrid, you’ll save tons of money in fuel costs with this fuel-sipping classic sedan. 

Plus, the Ford Fusion Hybrid makes it easy to keep drivers and passengers alike entertained on the road. It is renowned for having one of the most innovative and intuitive infotainment systems in the auto industry. Each 2020 Ford Fusion Hybrid model comes with a built-in touchscreen display, Bluetooth connectivity, and a variety of voice-activated technologies that allow for hands-free connection and communication. Each 2020 Fusion also features a premium 12-speaker Sony audio system to play your favorite songs loud and clear through the spacious, quiet cabin of the 2020 Fusion

The 2020 Ford Fusion Hybrid also comes with an impressive suite of high-tech safety and driver-assistance features that are designed to keep both drivers and passengers safe on the road. Many of these high-tech safety features come standard for all Ford Fusion models, including a lane-keeping system and a blind spot information system with cross-traffic alert. 

  1. Ford Explorer 

Summertime exploration is the best, and the 2020 Explorer is the perfect SUV for adventuring cross-country or close to home, which is why it made the list of Ford’s best cars for the Summer. This full-size SUV is durable without being too bulky. Plus, it seats 7 in its spacious cabin that features three roomy rows of seating. 

The off-roading capabilities of the Ford Explorer are what really sets this full-size SUV apart from others on the market and makes it the perfect Ford vehicle for summertime adventures. 

The 2020 Explorer is available with intelligent four-wheel-drive and a Terrain Management System. This special system allows you to adjust your Explorer depending on the terrain you’re currently driving over. The Ford Explorer also comes with Hill Descent Control, which is an innovative feature that helps your Explorer maintain a constant, steady speed while driving down steep hills to ensure safety and a smooth, quiet ride. 

  1. Ford EcoSport 

If you’re in the market for a spacious, fuel-efficient vehicle that is compact and lightweight but can accommodate carrying everything you need to take with you on a weekend trip or a longer road trip, look no further than the Ford EcoSport.

EcoSport is one of Ford's Best Cars for Summer

EcoSport is one of Ford’s Best Cars for Summer

The Ford EcoSport is a compact SUV that has a spacious cabin and offers plenty of cargo room and room for passengers. Its tailgate swings out rather than up, which offers more space for cargo and makeshift summertime tailgating. It also features 60/40 split rear folding seats, which gives you a surprisingly large amount of extra space in the back when needed. 

Over the years, Ford has released a versatile range of vehicles—many of which are perfect for summertime cruising. These 3 diverse vehicles represent the best of the best that Ford has produced for driving both during the summertime and through all seasons of the year.