In 2018, Ford pledged to remove all of the passenger sedans from their vehicle lineup. This statement was a response to recent consumer demands in the auto industry turning sharply away from sedans and toward other types of vehicles—namely crossover SUVs and pickup trucks—instead. While many drivers and auto critics were somewhat skeptical of Ford’s decision, the major American automaker has largely followed through with their pledge—which included the discontinuation of their popular Ford Fusion sedan after the 2020 model year. An all-new Ford Fusion that has been hinted at for quite a while was officially unveiled at the 2021 Auto Shanghai event.

Auto Shanghai—officially titled the Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition—is an automobile show that has taken place every other year in Shanghai, China, since 1985. Auto Shanghai is a renowned auto show that unveils a range of products, including new and updated vehicle models, auto concept designs, and auto parts, components, and accessories. Auto Shanghai 2021 took place from April 21st to April 28th, 2021, with the press being allowed on the premises on April 19th and April 20th. 

An all-new Ford vehicle that has been hinted at for quite a while was officially unveiled at the 2021 Auto Shanghai event, and many drivers and auto critics alike are calling this crossover model the “new Ford Fusion” for the North American auto market. This all-new crossover SUV from Ford has its own name—the Ford Evos—and is meant to be a model that merges the passenger sedan vehicle class with the SUV vehicle class to form an ultra-unique crossover model. 

Official specs for the upcoming Ford Evos have not yet been released by Ford, but some key details regarding this long-awaited crossover model were unveiled at the April 2021 Auto Shanghai event. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know so far about the Ford Evos crossover SUV that is expected to hit the global auto market in the near future. 

Hybrid Powertrain 

Ford has been very secretive about technical specifications for the Ford Evos model. It is worth noting that nothing is known yet for sure about the powertrain of the all-new Ford Evos because Ford has made no official announcements about the drive performance of their upcoming crossover model. 

However, it is rumored that the Ford Evos will come equipped with a hybrid powertrain. While this idea has not yet been confirmed, a hybrid powertrain would make sense for the Ford Evos considering Ford’s pledge to make all of their vehicles—or at least those in their European lineup—zero-emissions vehicles by 2030. In order to make that goal a reality, Ford will need to step up their electrification game in upcoming years—and a hybrid powertrain for the Ford Evos would help get this major American automaker one step closer to their lofty goals for eco-friendliness. 

Sporty Exterior Style 

The exterior of the Ford Evos has a simultaneously athletic and luxurious look and feel. It is a five-door model with a bold front fascia, a light bar above its grille, LED daytime running lights, and pop-out door handles.

New Ford Fusion Unveiled

New Ford Fusion Unveiled

The Ford Evos will most likely be available with more exterior options than those that have been revealed, but the Evos model unveiled at Auto Shanghai features sporty 19-inch wheels and a white body with a black roof. This trendy two-tone exterior is enhanced with orange accents featured on both the exterior and inside the cabin of the Ford Evos. 

Unique Interior 

The interior of the Ford Evos—or at least what has been revealed about its interior so far—is unique in both its style and its functionality. It features a large screen below the dashboard that is more than 3 feet wide. This screen setup includes an instrument cluster that is completely digital and measures 12.3 inches. It also includes a 27-inch 4K-resolution infotainment touchscreen display. 

Advanced Tech Features 

The Ford Evos definitely looks like a futuristic model, and its infotainment and other tech features provide additional support for this idea. Ford has not released many details regarding the tech features of their upcoming Evos model, but they have announced that it will feature Ford’s state-of-the-art SYNC+ 2.0 infotainment system as well as advanced AI tech and a virtual personal assistant. 

Ford has also announced that the Evos model will be compatible with over-the-air updates, so Evos drivers will be able to install the latest and greatest software versions in this crossover without having to take their vehicle into a Ford dealership for service.

For now, details regarding the Ford Evos are few and far between. It is also unclear when exactly the Evos will be released outside of China, but this crossover SUV is expected to join Ford’s North American vehicle lineup as a replacement for the beloved but discontinued Ford Fusion in the U.S. and Canada.