Is Selling Your Car to a Dealer a Good Idea?

Are you thinking of selling your car and are wondering whether to sell it privately or to a dealer? Both options have advantages and disadvantages, and the answer will depend on some factors.
Private saleWhen selling your car privately, you are doing the sale yourself, expecting more money than in a dealership. You have to price the car and make sure it is in good condition for sale by making sure it is roadworthy, clean, and presentable, as most buyers want to use it as soon as possible. Since many people are also looking to buy a car, you have to be readily available for inquiries and test drives.This process, however, is long and frustrating since you will spend a lot of time waiting on the best price. The buyer may also not have his finances figured out, therefore, wasting more of your time as they try securing the money. If you do not need the money instantly and are willing to be patient, this is for you

However, if you want to get a sale done quickly for a reasonable price, then here’s all you need to know about a dealership.

Selling to a dealer

Reasons you should sell to a dealer

  1. Most people find selling their car to a dealer the best and easiest option even though you get less money than you would be selling it on your own since you avoid a lot of hassles and spend significantly less time finding your car a new owner. Using a dealership for your sale means no advertising, contacting potential buyers, which may be dangerous, finalizing the deal, and transferring ownership. The selling process is straightforward and fast. It can last a maximum of two days or even some hours.
  2. When selling to a dealership, you only deal with one person. You contact your dealer, lay down and agree on the terms of the sale, and then show up with your car to sell. This process is easy compared to selling privately, where you handle the whole process on your own from beginning to end.
  3. If you finished paying for the car and it is now yours, you get to take your trade-in price and apply it to the cost of the new vehicle, which means that you use less money for financing and less money to pay for the tax of the new car. Selling your car to a dealership helps you avoid the risks of selling privately and gain the benefits of going to a dealer.
  4. During the final processes, after you have closed the deal and transferred ownership to the buyer, you have to deal with registration, lean on the vehicle, title, etc. That is a lot of paperwork and can be a total nightmare, especially if you do not have the resources. A dealership, however, makes this process easy and quick, and your car gets a new owner immediately.
  5. There is a significant risk of fraud when selling your car without legal business resources. It is even harder to remedy yourself as a private seller if you are subject to fraud without the seller’s insurance. Dealing with strangers is also very risky. When making your sale, do it in a highly-populated area, which is why it is safer to do it in a dealership.
  6. Using a dealership to sell your car guarantees added legal protection. If a vehicle breaks down after the sale, you could be held liable if you sold it privately. A dealership protects you from any legal action after making the sale.

Steps to selling your car to a dealership

  1. Research and figure out the value of your car. It will help you set realistic expectations, negotiate with buyers and get a good deal on car. Keep in mind that this is an estimated price and is subject to change depending on whether the car has parts that need replacing or has any physical faults or discoloration that needs to be cleaned.
  2. If your car looks good at first glance, you will likely get a higher trade-in value at the dealership since they will do little to nothing to your car. You should fix up your vehicle if it has any dents, dirty seats and carpets, or a windshield problem. Take it to the car wash and get it cleaned up. Every detail is essential to get the best deal on a car.
  3. Finding a dealership takes a lot of time since you have to research and have your vehicle assessed by various dealerships. A more straightforward solution is to sell your car to a dealership network. Most dealership networks work with many dealerships daily and have staff that can do all the tiring research for you. They arrange for an appraisal of your vehicle at a store of your convenience and provide the information to other dealerships they are working with on your behalf for the best trade-in price. You can figure out how to get the best deal on a car as you are waiting to get a new one.