The Ford Super Duty truck is considered to be one of the most powerful, rugged, and capable full-size pickup trucks available on the mainstream auto market. It is also advertised as one of the most off-roading-friendly vehicles in the auto industry. 

One Ford Super Duty driver recently tested and proved the capability of this heavy-duty full-size truck by climbing Hell’s Gate in a 2015 model. Keep reading to learn more about Hell’s Gate and how a 2015 Ford pickup truck managed to climb it successfully. 

What is Hell’s Gate? 

Hell’s Gate is part of a 6.5-mile trail in Moab, Utah, called Hell’s Revenge. Hell’s Revenge is considered to be one of the most challenging off-roading trails in the United States. 

Hell’s Revenge is a rocky, dry trail that features arches, canyons, sharp turns, steep drops, and lots of bumps. This terrain poses many dangers and is not recommended for inexperienced off-road drivers.

Hell's Gate in Utah

Hell’s Gate in Utah

If it’s so dangerous, why would anyone want to risk climbing Hell’s Gate? Although Hell’s Gate does pose many risks to drivers who take on the Hell’s Revenge trail, off-roading along the trail also presents many opportunities for enjoyable adrenaline rushes and offers breathtaking views of the gorgeous Moab, Utah landscape that you wouldn’t be able to see from anywhere else. 

Trekking through Hell’s Revenge and climbing Hell’s Gate in an off-road vehicle is only recommended for drivers who are very experienced with off-roading and are equipped with a vehicle that can handle the trail. In fact, many experts suggest only attempting to cross Hell’s Revenge with the help of an experienced guide that can help you determine the best and safest way to take on the trail and climb Hell’s Gate. 

Experts also warn against attempting to take on the trail in an ATV. Only extremely high-impact-capable vehicles are recommended for climbing Hell’s Gate. This is one of the few vehicles that are actually capable of completing the entire Hell’s Revenge trail and climbing Hell’s Gate. 

Most other vehicles—even most other heavy-duty full-size trucks—just can’t handle the unique challenges that the bumpy, rocky, steep Hell’s Gate presents to off-road drivers.

Which Ford Super Duty Model Climbed Hell’s Gate? 

One of the appealing features of the Ford Super Duty pickup truck model is that it is available with a wide range of options—including multiple different models, cabs, bed lengths, tire choices, etc. 

So if you want to make the climb up Hell’s Gate in your Ford Super Duty truck—which is not recommended for the average off-roading driver, even though it is possible—which model do you need to have? 

One of the most impressive things about the Ford pickup climbing Hell’s Gate is that it was able to do so without significant aftermarket modifications. The Super Duty truck that climbed Hell’s Gate was a 2015 Ford F-250 Super Duty truck equipped with a 6.2-L gas V8 engine. 

Its only aftermarket modifications were upgraded 34-inch Toyo tires and lower gearing, which gave this heavy-duty full-size truck the traction and clearance it required to successfully make its way up to Hell’s Gate. 

While other specialized off-roading vehicles are capable of climbing Hell’s Gate, it is especially impressive that the Ford Super Duty is able to do so because of its large size and top-heavy construction. The Ford Super Duty truck weighs 6,500 lbs., has an ultra-long wheelbase of 141.8 inches, and is 104.9 inches wide. 

These specs beat almost every other vehicle that has successfully climbed Hell’s Gate, and yet the Super Duty was able to traverse this adrenaline-pumping trail seemingly effortlessly without getting a scratch on it. There’s not much else that could prove the capability of the Ford Super Duty better than that. 

Plus, the truck that famously climbed Hell’s Gate was a 2015 model. Over the past 6 model years, Ford has significantly improved upon their Super Duty truck models. If you’re in the market for a heavy-duty full-size truck, you can’t go wrong with a Ford Super Duty—especially an all-new 2021 model. Browse our selection of Ford pickup trucks today!