Memorial Day weekend this year is the best time to buy a new or pre-owned Ford. Buyers have been locked down because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Ford dealers are offering a wide range of incentives to entice buyers to buy a new Ford at a bargain on Memorial Day. Come to shop Colley Ford Memorial Day Bargains today!

New Versus Used

Experts believe that memorial day is not the perfect time to buy a used Ford. With Ford dealers offering an array of Ford Memorial Day specials, incentives, and discounts to sell their surplus inventory before new cars are launched in the fall, it is the best time to buy a new car. Black Friday and the rest of the holiday season is the best time to buy a used Ford. If you buy a new Ford on Memorial Day, you can take advantage of the many Ford Memorial Day specials and get a new car from the dealer’s inventory at a bargain price.

Ford Memorial Day

Ford Memorial Day


Ford remains one of the most popular brands of cars in the US despite the entry of European, Japanese and, Korean cars in the US market. Ford is a part of the American culture and many Americans choose to drive only ford vehicles. The Ford Motor Company has continually improvised and formulated car and heavy-duty vehicle designs according to the needs of customers. Recent models of Ford have cutting-edge safety features and zero-emission features. Ford has a choice of models for all types of buyers. Buyers can buy Ford sedans or SUVs to take their families or choose a midsize or attractively styled ford. The company also has a range of programs to make buying a car affordable.



Ford dealers offer a wide range of incentives for memorial Day buyers of cars and SUVs. Ford Dealers offer rebates on many of their models. They offer many cashback incentives on many models. Ford has its own financing company called Ford Credit. Purchasers who choose financing of their new Ford car through Ford Credit will get special discounts at their Ford dealership together with a cashback incentive. They also offer a wide range of package discounts as part of their Memorial Day discount programs. Memorial day buyers can get cashback incentives and discounts on the prices of select Ford models.


You can get financing at attractive rates through Ford Credit when you take advantage of the Memorial Day holiday deals offered by Ford dealers and buy a new Ford. They offer 0% interest rates on many of their models for three to up to five years. Other financial institutions charge 4.16% interest on a loan to purchase a new car. Ford credit focuses on financing Ford cars and SUVs and making it easy for buyers to repay the loan. They also offer finance bonuses on loans taken through Ford Credit according to the Ford model. Ford is known to give bonuses for up to $1000 on many of their popular car and SUV models.

Memorial Day Savings

Memorial Day is a great time to buy a new car because dealers are looking to get rid of their inventory before new models enter the market in the fall. Ford offers an Inventory Bonus so that dealers can quickly sell their inventory before new stocks arrive. This bonus is given to buyers who are willing to purchase last year’s Ford model lying in stock with the dealer. If a buyer is willing to purchase a Ford car that has been in stock for over 61 days, Ford dealers give a large discount on the purchase price. Some dealers give old stock buyers a discount of up to $ 1500 on the purchase price.

Special Programs

Ford offers discount programs for qualifying buyers. Ford has a Ford College Student Purchase Program. Students can purchase most Ford car and SUV models and get a discount of $500. This discount is given to all current college students unlike, most programs that apply only to graduates. Ford also has a special Ford Salutes Those Who Serve program. US Military veterans, retirees and, personnel who are in active service can get a $500 discount on the purchase of most models. The program also applies to Military spouses. The program also applies to medical professionals and first responder professionals. Purchasers who qualify for this program can get all details and special discounts from Ford dealers across the US.

Ford cars and SUVs continue to play a major role in the US automobile market. Many Americans are loyal to the Ford brand because of the variety of models that suits every need. Ford also provides a wide range of incentives and discounts including holiday discounts that help buyers get a Ford at a bargain on Memorial Day.