The Ford F-Series is one of the most popular and well-known series of pickup trucks on the mainstream auto market as a whole. Ford F-Series pickup trucks are renowned as reliable, durable trucks that are equipped with incredible towing power, impressive payload capability, and the ability to off-road with ease over even the roughest terrains. 

Despite the remarkable performance of the Ford F-Series models as is, Ford has chosen to maximize the performance of their beloved heavy-duty pickup truck lineup by offering an all-new Super Duty Tremor Off-Road Package that is only compatible with certain F-Series models. If you’re interested in expanding the capability of your Ford F-series pickup truck, here are 5 things you should know about the available Ford F-Series Super Duty Tremor Off-Road Package. 

  1. Limited Availability 

It is important to note that—unfortunately—the Super Duty Tremor Off-Road Package is not available for all Ford F-Series trucks. 

The availability of this add-on package is limited to certain trim levels of the 2020 Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty pickup trucks. In order to be compatible with the Super Duty Package, a Ford F-Series truck must be equipped with either a 7.3-L gas V8 engine or a 6.7-L Power Stroke diesel engine. 

  1. Aggressive Tires 

The tires of F-Series trucks that are equipped with the Super Duty Tremor Off-Road Package are a sight to be seen. These tires measure 35 inches in diameter—which gives them the largest tire diameter of any heavy-duty pickup truck—and are mounted on sleek and bold 18-inch matte black wheels.

Ford F-Series Tremor

Ford Tremor

These exclusive aggressive tires allow for 10.8 inches of ground clearance and best-in-class water fording of 33 inches for compatible Ford F-series models. If your Ford F-series truck is equipped with a set of these exclusive 35-inch-diameter tires, off-roading safely and smoothly is a breeze.

  1. Suspension Upgrades 

Suspension upgrades are a key component of the F-Series’ Super Duty Tremor Off-Road Package. These upgrades make a big difference in how the F-Series trucks handle off-roading and maximize the performance of these compatible pickup trucks over a wide variety of rougher terrains. 

Progressive-rate springs on Super Duty Tremor Off-Road Package-equipped F-Series trucks allow for heavy-duty towing and control the body motion of the F-Series pickup trucks in order to allow for a smoother ride over rocky terrains. A rear stabilizer bar tuned for a lower spring rate also ensures a smoother ride for F-Series trucks that are equipped with the all-new Off-Road Package. 

  1. Add-On Hardware 

Additional hardware ramps up the impressive performance of F-Series trucks that are equipped with the Super Duty Tremor Off-Road Package. 

This additional hardware includes off-road running boards, extended-axle vent tubes, and exclusive skid plates. These hardware add-ons help maximize the performance and capability of compatible Ford F-Series trucks on the road, especially when off-roading over rougher terrains. 

  1. Selectable Drive Modes 

Another exciting feature of the Super Duty Tremor Off-Road package is a variety of selectable drive modes. Drivers of compatible F-Series trucks equipped with this all-new package can toggle back and forth between different drive modes in order to maximize the performance of their pickup truck over a wide variety of terrains. 

These selectable drive modes include normal, tow/haul, eco, slippery, deep snow/sand, and rock-crawl. Normal is designed for standard roads for everyday driving and tow/haul helps boost the Ford F-Series’ performance when carrying a load. Eco maximizes the fuel economy of your F-Series pickup truck. Slippery is ideal when conditions are icy and deep snow/sand maximizes the F-Series’ performance in low-traction conditions. Finally, the all-new rock-crawl mode enables the TorqShift 10-speed automatic transmission and is ideal for use when driving over especially rough and rocky terrains.

If you want to maximize the performance of your Ford F-Series pickup, contact ValuFord today for more information about the special add-on Super Duty Tremor Off-Road package that can lift your Ford F-Series truck to new heights.