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A Look Back to the 2019 Ranger 4×4

October 20th, 2020|

Although it is understandably exciting to browse through the latest and greatest vehicles from the current model year to pick out your dream car, there is also something to be said for looking back to take a second look at slightly older vehicle models from model years passed. Today, we'll look back at a mid-size pickup truck that underwent some [...]

Best of the 2021 Mustang

October 16th, 2020|

The Ford Mustang is an iconic, classic car that debuted way back in the 1960s. Since then, the Mustang has become a household name. Almost everyone can conjure up an image of a classic Mustang model when they hear the word ‘Mustang’. Although we are not even into the next year, we can tell you about the very best of [...]

What Makes the 2020 Ford Explorer a Good SUV?

October 15th, 2020|

At this point in time, the modern auto market revolves primarily around SUVs. SUVs currently make up the most popular, trendiest class of vehicles. Major automakers are consistently upgrading their SUVs or fully designing new ones with each passing model year, which makes it difficult for an SUV to compete with other models within their vehicle class. The 2020 Ford Explorer [...]

7 Reasons to Buy a Ford Expedition This Year

October 5th, 2020|

The 2020 Ford Expedition is a full-size SUV that is a top-selling vehicle in Ford’s lineup. It is well into its 8th successful generation and is renowned on the mainstream auto market as a reliable, comfortable, and capable large SUV that is family-friendly and practical for other drivers as well.  For the 2020 model year, the Ford Expedition comes with [...]

Should I Buy a New Ford Ranger or Pre-Owned?

September 29th, 2020|

Buying a car is a major decision. In fact, a car is one of the most expensive one-time purchases most people make throughout their entire lifetimes—second only to buying a house. Because buying a car is such a major purchase, most drivers want to choose a reliable car that they enjoy driving and that will serve them well on the [...]

Ford Bronco Warthog Rumors Swirl

September 14th, 2020|

The Ford Bronco has been one of the topmost talked-about vehicles of 2020. The Ford Bronco was originally an integral part of Ford’s vehicle lineup, beginning in the 1960s. However, this popular SUV model was unexpectedly discontinued in 1996 as a result of declining sales. We now hear rumors swirling about a Bronco Warthog in the works. In 2020, Ford [...]

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