The 2021 Ford Explorer is a mid-size SUV, which means it has very steep competition. As mid-size SUVs are one of the trendiest, most popular vehicle classes on the current auto market, the 2021 Ford Explorer will be up against many other top-quality mid-size SUVs from other well-known automakers for the 2021 model year. Even so, the 2021 Ford Explorer may well become known as one of the best mid-size SUVs to hit the mainstream auto market for the 2021 model year. 

Comfortable, capable, spacious, and safe, the 2021 Ford Explorer is by far one of the most well-equipped mid-size SUVs on the market for 2021. If you’re in search of a top-quality mid-size SUV in the near future, the Explorer should be at the top of your list. Here are 7 things you should know about the 2021 Ford Explorer before this impressive mid-size SUV makes its official debut on the mainstream auto market. 

  1. 10-Speed Transmission 

The all-new 2021 Ford Explorer will come with a standard 10-speed automatic transmission. This transmission system enhances acceleration when you’re speeding up on the road. 

It also improves drive performance as a whole and ensures a smoother ride for both drivers and passengers alike. 

  1. Spacious Interior 

The interior of the 2021 Explorer is spacious enough to seat 7 passengers while offering plenty of leg- and head-room for everyone in the car. 

This mid-size SUV also offers an impressive 87.8 cubic feet of cargo space when all three rows of seats are engaged. When its third row of seats is folded down, the 2021 Explorer offers an additional 47.9 cubic feet of cargo storage space. 

A hands-free liftgate is also an available option for the 2021 Explorer to make it easier for drivers to load cargo into this SUV.

  1. Built-in Terrain Management System 

The 2021 Explorer comes equipped with a built-in Terrain Management System. This system is designed to adjust torque depending on your driving habits and current road conditions. 

It also comes with four different modes that you can select depending on road conditions at the time. These modes include Normal Mode, Grass/Gravel/Snow Mode, Mud/Ruts Mode, and Sand Mode. 

  1. Impressive Advanced Safety Features 

Advanced safety features are now pretty much expected by most drivers for new car models. However, the safety features of the 2021 Ford Explorer go above and beyond when it comes to keeping drivers and passengers safe on the road no matter the conditions. 

The 2021 Explorer comes with a special Lane-Keeping System—which includes Lane-Keeping Aid, Lane-Keeping Alert, and Driver Alert—that adjusts steering torque and sends you alerts in order to keep your vehicle centered in its lane at all times. 

This mid-size SUV also comes equipped with Reverse Brake Assist and Sidewind Stabilization. Reverse Brake Assist alerts you to objects, vehicles, and pedestrians in the path of your vehicle and brakes for you if you are unable to stop in time to avoid a collision. 

Upgraded Sidewind Stabilization applies the vehicle’s brakes on only one side in order to keep your Explorer centered on windy roads and in high-wind conditions. 

  1. All-New Sound System 

Almost everyone listens to music or podcasts or some type of sound while they’re on the go, so the all-new sound system for the 2021 Ford Explorer is definitely worth mentioning on this list. 

This Bang & Olufsen sound system is a well-renowned and beloved system that is designed with 10 speakers that include an all-new subwoofer. Other notable features of

this sound system are its dynamic sound tuning, adaptive volume control, and all-new soundbar that offers surround sound. 

  1. 360-Degree Camera 

A 360-degree camera inside the 2021 Explorer makes it easy for drivers to see in all directions at all times without taking their eyes off the road.



This camera system is designed with a split-view display, which is attached to four different exterior cameras. 

These cameras take in visual information from all sides of the Explorer and then give that information to this SUV’s split-view display—allowing drivers to see up to 7 feet around their vehicle on all sides. 

  1. Multicontour Active Motion Seats 

The seats inside the 2021 Ford Explorer SUV are so notable that they’re worth mentioning among the top 7 most impressive features of this mid-size SUV. 

These multi-contour seats are designed with 7 different air chambers, which allow the seat to adjust its own contours in ways that help drivers and passengers feel most comfortable while on the go in this mid-size SUV. 

Plus, the driver and passenger seats on higher trim levels of the 2021 Explorer come equipped with Active Motion, which is a massage feature that offers gentle and continuous movement to reduce driver fatigue on the road.